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At a glance

Located in the border triangle Germany – Poland – Czech Republic, Upper Lusatia is a successful business venue and a promising location with a fantastic future which also excels with a wealth of fascinating landscapes and tourist attractions. As an exceptional place for working and living, Upper Lusatia provides a superb infrastructure, highly motivated public authorities, and a charming cultural environment.

Surface area: 4.496 km²
Population: 606.109 (updated: Dec. 31, 2009)
Population density: 135 inhabitants per km²
Municipalities: 124 (30 cities)  



2.400 manufacturing enterprises
160 companies with more than 100 employees

Key branches:

Available Properties:

Vacancies for every need and requirement in more than 70 industrial and commercial properties; business service providing the best possible assistance to companies .

Commercial premises



370 accommodation facilities (14,800 beds)
21 campgrounds
Gross value creation: € 500 million, day tourism: € 228 million

Holiday region



Universities: 1
Universities of applied sciences: 4
Technological and founder centers: 5
Branch-specific educational networks: 3
Schools: Primary schools, secondary schools, college preparatory schools, special schools for disabled children, general vocational schools, vocational schools, special vocational schools, technical college preparatory schools, professional college preparatory schools, advanced vocational schools

Transportation Links

The Federal Expressway A 4 provides continuous four lane access from Dresden to the German / Polish border. With close proximity to the international airport Dresden, which is on the western edge of the region, and the airport’s location right next to the A 4, the region has direct access to the global air transportation net. The region’s most important rail link is the route Dresden – Bautzen – Görlitz – Wroclaw. Northern Bohemia’s business, sports, and cultural metropolis of Liberec, which is just 25 kilometers from Zittau which translates into 20 minutes by car and may be reached from anywhere in Upper Lusatia with the Euro Neisse ticket which is available from the Transport Federation Upper Lusatia-Lower Silesia (ZVON) for ten euros per day .


Quality of Life

The landscape of the world‘s unique „Umgebinde“ log houses, the Free Free State’s only unthreatened UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Fürst Pückler Park Muskau located on both sides of the Neisse River (Germany and Poland), as well as the Zittau Mountains, Germany’s 100th nature park, and Saxony’s only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Upper Lusatian Land of Heaths and Ponds, all provide relaxation and recreation in nature.
Much has been done for the high quality of life: Substantial investments into the infrastructure; the restoration of historic old towns, for example, in Bautzen, Görlitz, Hoyerswerda, Zittau; the development of new industrial and commercial zones; the construction of new hospitals in Bischofswerda and Kamenz, year-round public swimming pools in Großschönau near Zittau, Hoyerswerda, Kirschau, and Krauschwitz near Bad Muskau as well as vocational school centers in Bautzen, Görlitz, Hoyerswerda, and Radeberg.


Art / Culture

Multifaceted cultural programs, e.g. museums, palaces, theaters, the Lusatian Philharmonic Orchestra, movie theaters, etc.; cultural events (Summer Theater, music festivals, jazz days, and much more); VIA SACRA and VIA REGIA

Cultural region